The Monkey book club

Well now Monkey fans

Here is some book news direct from the Edinburgh book festival:

We have had a good look at all the books and vote these as our favourites

book number one

book number one

But we would say that you should never really ask a wolf for the time as they are not the most intelligent of animals (monkeys are incase you didn’t know) so its best to ask  owl as they are dead clever and if you meet the one from Harry Potter he can probably do a lot more than tell the time such as post your letters for you hehe

We also love:

book number 2

book number 2

this monster loves mess and monkeys love mess too so we think we and this Jumblebum character would get on very well indeed. I hope he likes poop mess as we, well I do a lot of that hehehe

and the final one – which we are a bit concerned about. is it a book or a poster crying for help?

book 3

book 3

Well if you find this bear’s hat, please would you return it. if you are the one who took it then that’s not very nice and you should return it. else he might cry. He doesnt look very happy now does he?


More book news soon! Bye for now Monkey fans  xxx


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