Monkey fitness

Monkey fans

Do you want to be as fit and healthy as Monkey!?


Well here is a little exercise routine I used to get me superfit for the Olympics and is something that I like to do most days.

Really keeping fit is all about having fun. Best ways for keeping fit and fast are:


1. playing in the park

2. running after Millie – playing tag, catchy kissy, running, three legged race etc  so much fun!

3. running around on the beach in and out of the sandcastles

4. jumping over the flowers in the garden

5. skipping to the toilet when  I need a weewee or  a poop

6. chasing pigeons


No 1 Monkey tip

Always be prepared. I used to be in the Monkey Cubs which was a group of little monkeys who would all run around andplay games. We could also climb a lot of trees so it was excellent training to be a monkey.

You need a cool tshirt, a nice pair of shorts and a nice cool headband to cool you down

Put on some cool monkey music and …..



Monkey tip two: First exercise should be easy

This easy exercise involves lying down so is super easy and can be done when you are watching cartoons on the telly








Monkey tip 3:

Pretending you are upside down without having to do any exercise can be good fun. Stand on your head like this and it looks as if everyone is upside down. its dead funny!



Monkey tip 4:

Sometimes it can be tricky being so busy and active. So you might want to have a rest at this point. close your eyes for complete relaxation and think good monkey thoughts. I’m thinking of my Millie here.


Monkey tip 5:

Stand on your head like this. If you are a true cheeky monkey then this is good practice for swinging in trees like all monkeys should.


Monkey tip 6:

You’ll be pooped now like me. Take a rest. Ask your Millie for a lemonade and a cupcake. Eeeh it’s a tough life being a monkey


2 thoughts on “Monkey fitness

  1. it would be great to to teach Millie to hula hoop. I am a hula hoop instructor and have put on World Record fitness events. Saludos from Costa Rica

    • Ooh thanks for your suggestion! I will definately try the hula hoop thing you mention although in the UK this is the name of crisps/potato chips as well! teehee. but I think you must mean the other kind!? teehee I am going to try this and then post the pics on the blog to see if you think i’m any good! Bye for now and keep monkeying around like us x Millie

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