Hello Monkey fans!

We are Monkey and Millie media monkeys who love to tweet, blog and have adventures.


I also love cheese, swinging on trees and travelling

I love my mammy and daddy and Granny Growbag

Mammy and daddy buy me nice things and outfits because I LOVE playing dress up

I’m a cool looking monkey and love to have nice clothes as mammy takes lots of pictures of me!

Me and Millie live with Sammy and Emma too. They like to play with us but don’t realise that we get up to all kinds of adventures when they’re not looking

When we go on our travels, everyone thinks I’m lost but I’m not really!!



I’m the prettier of the two monkeys teehee

I love to wear pretty dresses and wear a lovely bow in my hair

I like to smell nice too and often put some of mammy’s perfume on

I love to play with sammy and emma but like when we have adventures of our own!

My Monkey is very brave and very sporty

I love to eat icecream and love to go to the seaside.

We both love to annoy Granny Growbag by hiding things and making her think she’s lost them!

We like to hide the ham in her sandwiches too tee hee

We sometimes call her Granny Clangybangy as she makes so much noise when doing things

Even when she’s asleep! Snore Snore……teeheeeeeee


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