Millie and the tiger lady

Hello Monkey fans

Well as you know if you read our monkey twitter feed that we are going on a monkey trek today. well before we do that I have to explain a little bit about our monkeyspiration for this journey trek.

It started at the festival of books in Edinburgh where we met this really nice granny lady called Judith

Granny Judith loved me as we both love wearing lovely dresses!! Look how pretty she is!

the tiger lady!! aka Granny Judith

the tiger lady!! aka Granny Judith


This is when Monkey tried to scare her by jumping on her table. ooh she giggled luckily and her beads made this little rattling sound and it scared monkey so he skidded off the table and jumped on the floor! haha Granny Judith ended up scaring monkey!

she's laughing but Monkey tried to flick water on her and she got him first so he ran off in fright! teeheeee

she’s laughing but Monkey tried to flick water on her and she got him first so he ran off in fright! teeheeee

But she was lovely lovely and she stopped the humans standing in a line waiting to see her as i asked for a story and she told me one. she sat me on her knee and cuddled me and asked me what kind of story i wanted. i said a story about the tiger as that is my favourite. So she read to me and I fell asleep in her arms. aaaaaah

When I woke up, I kissed Granny Judith on the cheek and told her not to sit in that tent for too long – she should go home and do some knitting or something. I told her I would like another scarf if she wound’t mind or she might knit something for that tiger friend of hers incase he got cold in Edinburgh. Tigers are from hot countries you know – he might find Edinburgh a bit cold.

Tiger lady's book

Tiger lady’s book

So, I skipped off to leave Granny Judith in the tent – I think she fell asleep doing her knitting in the end. There were so many people waiting to see her and sit on her knee – it was like Christmas waiting in line to see Santa – waiting to go through the tent and around the corner until Santa comes into view,then sitting on his knee before the dwarves from Snow white give you a present. There were lots of small people with Judith – children monkey said they were called but some had old faces so I’m not sure hehe – and Granny Judith had lovely white hair just like Santa —

OOOOH maybe she is really Mrs Santa!!! I bet she is. Good job I didn’t stay long then  – she’s got work to do before she comes down my chimney!

This gave us a fab idea for a trek though and in the next monkeystallment I will show you where we went.

xxx love Millie

2 thoughts on “Millie and the tiger lady

    • Hiya!
      glad you love this book as much as we do! Tiger is a bit like monkey – he eats mammy out of house and home! hehe. Love reading about your travels with the kiddiewinks – keep up the good work!

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