Millie checks out the new hotel

Hello sweet Monkey fans


Here we are still in Edinburghshire and we have moved hotels to be nearer to the books. Well we slept in one of the tents yesterday and I don’t think Mr Bookfair man was very happy as he thought we might have made a mess but apart from lying books across the floor playing steppie stones and playing book dominoes, we didn’t make a mess at all! All that fuss for nothing hehe. So we got a nice hotel near to the book square. Well we moved cos my Millie wanted some nice minis really……

These ones…..

minis for my Millie

minis for my Millie

Once she’d seen them, I didn’t get a peep out of her for ages and ages….


Millie chillin with the minis

Millie chillin with the minis


Then she spent a little bit of time in the bathroom. I don’t know what you girl monkeys get up to in there. Ages she was…..

Oh very pretty!

Oh very pretty!


For all of five minutes and then it was out to the book fair again. Mr Hugless Douglas was there the other day and we saw him. Mind he doesn’t have as much hair in real life as he does in the books. Looks more like a man if I’m honest than  a bear but he was very nice anyway and we gave him a hug. So they just call him Doug now apparently.

Doug with a hug is  a very nice man/bear and we love him

Once we’d met Doug, we took a stroll down Princes Street – again false advertising (see previous post) as we didn’t see a single prince. That little prince George was nowhere to be seen. I thought he might have the idea of going since he’s not long popped out and might fancy doing something interesting before he’s king. George – the book fair is the place to go.

Its fabidab.

Poodle pushers - a monkey ride in Edinburgh

Poodle pushers – a monkey ride in Edinburgh

Now a bit disappointed the trams are not running along Princes street – we had to take a couple of poodles -here they are in this pic – we’ve just got off and they are walking off for their next customer. Good doggies. Nice and soft and fluffy for our delicate monkey bums.

Lots of love monkey and millie xxx

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