Monkey questions


Meet Monkey and Millie here – Millie first cos I’m the cutest teehee

Tell me something about yourself

I’m a little girl monkey. I love to wear flowers in my hair and drink lemonade. I also love to play in the garden

What is your favourite flower?

Well it’s pink and has lots of pretty petals and I think its called  a pony flower  (Monkey: it’s a PEONY flower Millie!!)

Tell me something about Monkey

Aaah, this is my page for all things girly and pretty!

Ah ok then, he loves to poop

What is your favourite colour?

Light pink and dark pink and medium pink

Which sports do you like?

I loved the monkey Olympics but I’m not very good at sport. I can’t run as fast as Monkey but I do love to play rounders and jump around like in gymnastics

I also love to ride the ducks in the park. I sit on their backs and they whizz me around the lake! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Do you belong to Sammy and Emma or just Emma as she’s a girl

OOh Millie doesn’t belong to anyone! I’m my own monkey. But I live with Emma and her brother, that’s true.



Here are some cool monkey facts. I have answered all your fab questions with my brilliant monkey brain and I want to share the fabulousness with you straight away?

Do you like being a monkey?

Monkeys are the best.I feel sorry for those who aren’t monkeys. Who would not want to be a monkey?

How old are you?

A monkey never reveals his monkey years

Where do you find your fantastic clothes?

Mammy makes a lot of them and Granny Growbag makes a lot too. Granny Growbag sometimes wants to put me in weird clothes so I sometimes have a monkey strop until I only get nice clothes

Why do you hide from Sammy and Emma?

They can’t see that we are real as they are only little and we want to keep the magic alive. I don’t think they would believe that monkey magic exists right under their noses!

What do you love to do?

As well as swinging from trees and eating cheese, I love to poop. Pooping is funny and very smelly and I really enjoy pooping.

Sometimes I poop in the house and laugh when next door’s cat gets the blame! hahaha

What sports do you like?

As you can see from this blog, I have recently been in the monkey Olympics. Team monkey is the only team to be in as its the best.

I am fantastic at hockey, horse reindeer riding, running, monkey gymnastics and lots of other sports

If pooping was a sport, I would be the best at that too.

Why do you like to travel so much?

Its fun to visit new places and to try new food. I still love cheese the best though. I love to go on buses and trains and planes. I love going away with Millie as she is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

I do love coming home and being with Mammy, Daddy Sammy and Emma though

Tell us about Sammy, Emma and Granny Growbag

Not yet! Its all about the monkey for now..teehee

Why do you love Millie?

She is funny and furry and loves being silly. She also makes me a nice cup of monkey tea when I’m feeling sick

Tell me a monkey secret

I love to poop

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