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Monkey and Millie  – trapped in IKEA!

Monkey and Millie – trapped in IKEA!

Hiya monkey fans   We’re writing this from the bedroom department of IKEA. Yup that’s right after five days we are still stuck in IKEA in Sweden but we have at least now reached the bedroom department. I am five stone lighter as is millie and as we were so small to begin with, you … Continue reading


Monkey visits Sweden, well IKEA

Monkey visits Sweden, well IKEA

Me and Millie decided to buy a new bed this week Why? Because it smells. Monkey bottyburps leave a smell that even Febreze can’t get rid of, so we hotpawed it to Ikea for a little look round. I was going to go on my own as Millie,being a girl monkey decides to go around … Continue reading