Monkey valentines

Hewo monkey and millie fans!

I wanted to show all of you the lovely pics of me and my monkey sweetheart. Monkey went uuurgh when i said I was taking pics for the blog as he says he’s a boy monkey and boys arent supposed to be soppy and romantic. Eeeh he’s a right one that monkey as he is very strong and monkeymanly but very very romantic and sweet at the same time. Mammy says that’s the best way to be. Daddy tells monkey that he should always listen to the lady monkey and i think he is dead right.

On valentines day itself monkey took me to strada for a bit of chicken and some rocket. Apparently rocket is salad. I was a bit dissapointed at first but once id tasted it it was really really nice. We got one portion and sat around the bowl holding paws. We have to sit on the table as the seats are for humans. we got a few stares from the people in Strada but monkey says they were only jealous they couldn’t sit on the table and that they were looking at me cos I’m so pretty. aaaah monkey you’re lovely

Then we went to costa for a coffee – one between two – and a muffin to share. it was dead cosy and we sat on the sofa and ate our goodies.Monkey left them a little monkey token as a thank you – i thought it was a chocolate peanut at first and nearly ate it but then he said not too as it was a monkey raisin. oops. MONKEY!

Apparently he left one on the table at strada – monkey that’s a posh establishment! eeeh

Here is our valentine picture gallery though:

monkey gave me red roses

monkey gave me red roses

this is posed mind - but  look how cute monkey is!

this is posed mind – but look how cute monkey is!

this one was monkey’s idea he wanted for us to look like those posers do in the gallery/professional pics. All casual etc . teehee do we?

monkey and millie sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G

monkey and millie sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G

And look what monkey gave me as a suprise! our very own monkey snuggler. aaah for all our monkey dreams xxxxx

monkey cuddles!!! xxx

monkey cuddles!!! xxx

hope you enjoyed your day of monkey loving! xxxxxx

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