Monkey meets the snowman from John Lewis


Do you remember the snowman who was on the john lewis advert at Christmas!??

Monkey thought he was called john lewis!! No monkey – its the name of all the people who work in the shop! You have to be called john lewis to work there. Snowman is called snowman monkey!!!

Well he’s back! He popped back to see me and  my monkey this weekend as it was snowing again and its easier for him to get around when it snows.

My Monkey says that he was probably out shopping for mrs snowman again. In the advert, he goes miles and miles to get her lovely warm gloves and its soo sweet.

I recorded this advert and I play it to monkey all the time to show what true love really is. It seems to be working as he treated me to a lovely Valentines with roses and everything.

So anyway – when Snowman was here, we took him for a cuppa and a snowball cake in…..well John Lewis in town and he seemed ever so happy to see all the john lewises working in the store. isnt it funny how everyone is called john  lewis? I asked someone who was responsible for the toy display and he said  john lewis, i asked him who made up the store and he said john lewis and then I asked him who made all the lovely cakes in the cafe and he said john lewis. Its cant be just one man as he would have to have millions of hands and loads of time so i think everyone in the store must be called john lewis. thats the only logical explanation teehee

snowman said he remembered every john lewis very fondly and wished he could visit them more but the bright twinkly lights make him melt a little. Before he left though, he bought a lovely bag with John Lewis written on it for his lady snowman. It will go lovely with her other presents.

We sat on his head as he slid around the store. I don’t think he minded!

john lewis

Ps I took monkey in to the lovely spa they have at JL and I got a paw rub and a monkey back rub. Very nice it was. Snowman went to the basement and refreshed himself in the freezers. a john lewis man told him off and said he shouldnt really be playing in the shop like that. But he did give him an ice lolly so he kept his cool and didnt melt.

Later as we skipped through the  baby buggy department (monkey wanted a push  and to skid along in a baby walker) we found a little trail of water on the floor behind us. Snowman was melting!! ooh no!! so we had to make a run for it and get snowman back home on the number 7 bus.

And snowman went back home to mrs snowman.

Miss you snowman! Be back soon!

Love Millie xx

Ps Turns out  Snowman wasn’t melting at all! Monkey did a wee in the shop.Phew!

Ps sorry to all the john lewis’  – apparently the women are called jemima lewis but when it came to deciding the name of the shop, john won. (Monkey: Aaye boys are the best )

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