King Monkey

Hello royal monkey subjects

All rise for King Monkey!

All rise for King Monkey!

Im writing your from Monkey Kingdom with me sitting as I am on my monkey throne. I have decided to be a monkey king this week as my mammy has been reading a lot about a king who they have found in the carpark. Richard 3rd apparently. Been missing for 500 years apparently. Well  his mammy must be relieved he’s back home. Wonder where he’s been all this time. Sometimes daddy mutters to himself that our dear granny growbag is on another planet so maybe that’s where this richard has been!

He’s not in the carpark anymore. Well he is a king after all and kings don’t pay for parking. I think he’ll go to live in buckingham palace and the queen now can have a rest for a while and go to the bingo instead of sitting on her throne.

I asked my mammy about why he was called richard 3rd and was this like Rocky 4 or Shrek 2. Mammy looked a bit cross and then she tried to explain but I dozed off so I still dont know I’m afraid. But I think as I didnt know about Richard 1 and Richard 2 then its obvious I don’t know about Richard 3.

Well I am monkey 1 that’s all i know as I’m the number one monkey. Millie is my Queen. she’s off getting her new clothes ready for her coronation. But here I am waving to my loyal monkeyettes – you! Yoohooooooooooo

You are all lovely

Hello Richard 3 if you’re reading this. I may lend you my crown if you’ve lost yours.

Love King Monkey  xxxx

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