Monkey and Millie fashion

Hey everyone! Millie here

Monkey’s feeling a bit sad at the moment – there’s no snow left outside! snow monkey has done a runner so he’s feeling a bit upset.

but never fear cos Millie is here!!

I had a word with granny growbag as she has nothing to do as she can’t go in the garden at the moment and potter on amongst the plant pots. She loves her garden SOOO much so we called her granny growbag! teeheeeee

Well i asked her if she could make monkey a nice jumper. Well you see me and monkey bought her some knitting needles for xmas – monkey thought they were giant chopsticks that she could use in wagamama instead of using the kiddie ones. But they were knitting needles.

Well we then had to get some wool didnt we – i let monkey go and get some – but he came back home with a sheep. Bernard the sheep from the field at the end of the street.

Monkey!! I said.

A sheep is walking wool! said monkey.

Eeeeh I was laughing so much I couldnt tell him off and I just did a little wee instead. teeeheeeeee Monkey!

But anyway, we bought some proper wool minus the legs and granny growbag knitted some cuddle snuggle suits for us!!!! as its still very chilly out and monkey is a bit concerned that his monkey nuts will freeze and fall off

Here’s me…….

Sweet little me xx

Sweet little me xx

Well monkey wanted a pic too of course……

monkey you're too close to the camera!

monkey you’re too close to the camera!

Monkey’s suit took granny growbag a bit longer to make as she had to put a letter on the front ……monkey monkey monkey……

aaah doesn't he look proud?

aaah doesn’t he look proud?

And here’s one for the family album…..

aren't we cute?

aren’t we cute?

Monkey says the only problem with the cuddle suits is that when he pops, the smell lingers a bit longer than normal….poooo  monkey!

he says sheep must stink! he’s going to sniff bernard next time we see him

Aaah bye for now Millie fans xxxxx

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