Snow monkey comes to life!

Hiya monkey fans. ARe you ready for the BIG monkey reveal??

Remember what I showed you on Monday when I was building you a suprise in the snow!!??

Well this is what it looked like then……

my snow surprise

I must admit i was so dying to get out and go in the monkey snow that I forgot to put mu monkey woolies on. you will see here that I am building my snow surprise with my paw over my lap. That is because my monkey nuts  were fast becoming frozen nuts and I had to go inside the house and get warm for a bit until my monkey nuts thawed out.

Phew! That could have been dangerous!! So back out again with my shorts stuffed of cotton wool…….and I carried on building…….

But then I needed a wee!! What was an artist to do? I wanted to keep going……so I had to do what I had to do……..

wee wee time

I then remembered what my daddy told me….’never eat yellow snow’ he always tells me. Duh! I know daddy. I mean if it means someone’s had a diddle…..yukkee!! There are a lot of people out there who diddle in the snow apparently……

But I continued now with a spring in my paws as my monkey nuts were nice and warm and were even warmer now cos the wee had warmed them up. How clever was I to do two things at once like that? In the wild as well. Bear Grylls has nothing on me. MONKEY GRYLLS is the way to go! Monkeys are better and cleverer than bears anyway.

But now for the finished masterpiece…….snow monkey!!!!!


ow he’s one of the family……….

me and snow monkey

me and snow monkey

millie and snow monkey

family in snow

aaah hope snow monkey stays around a while. Millie says he will go in a few days. Go where I said? She didnt know. But if he goes, it’ll be because he’s eaten that yellow snow and thinks it tastes yucky so he’ll be looking for a wagamama I bet……..

Till next time…….whats that Millie? You’ve decided to build a snow creature? mmmmm What you building? Ooh that looks good!!!……..

to be continued

2 thoughts on “Snow monkey comes to life!

    • Aaaye mr captain. I am the maker of the snow monkey. Very proud I am too. Pleased you enjoyed meeting him. But he’s ran away now as there is no more snow here. So if he ends up in costa rica then please let me know! Monkey x

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