snow monkey

Hiya monkey fans!!!

It snowed loads this week so after our well deserved monkey break over xmas.. ooh more about that later. we travelled all over we did. But when we got back it was SOOO snowy it seemed like NARNIA. Millie kept me trudging for ages in the snow looking for Aslan and the pixies but we didnt find them and Millie got upset but I told her that animals dont really talk and that they only do in fairy stories…teehee

but on the Narnia theme……here is MARNIA…….Monkeys in Narnia…..

Look at these photos though. The first monkey snow pics !!! how cool is that!

me in the snow bath

Yoo hooooooo!!!! Look at me!!! Im having a snow bath. Its  very cold on my monkey nuts bbbrrrrr but Millie thought it would be a good idea. moral of the story: NEVER LISTEN TO A LADY MONKEY!! teehee. sorry millie love you really. aaaaah

my snow angel

Here she is – my snow angel….aaaah bless her. Says shes doing a snow angel but hasnt quite got the hang of it by the looks……

Aaaah there she’s done it

snow angel monkey style

And now for the finale. Your monkey master miracle has worked his monkey magic and come up with some snowy marvel. LOOK! – Im working on something snowy tastic. Come back Thursday to find out what…….oooh the snow suspense…..

my snow surprise

Till then monkey fans! xxxxxx

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