The monkey jungle eating challenge

Hi monkey and Millie fans

well we are having lots of monkey fun in the jungle and we are having a fab time. The humans are here of course but you will only see them on the tv as we monkeys aren’t covered by the insurance. haha. anyway, we’re monkeys! and we are having some funwithout the humans let me tell you. monkeys are a lot more skillful you know.

we did our first task today to get some food. I of course offered to do the challenge. Monkey doesnt wait for the votes from the fans. nope. I just volunteered as I am monkey and I have no fear!

Well our first task in the monkey jungle was a bit hairy to honest. it had legs too! Hairy ones! haha.

I had to eat some funny things to get some meals for the rest of the team…….

the eating challenge – monkey eats the camel neck


ooh i didnt know what this was at first – turns out it was a camels neck all twisted round. it tasted like camel as it had lumps and bumps in it when i chewed.  I was very brave though and ate it all up. yum yum. I asked for salt and pepper but the  geordie judge told me that I wasnt supposed to be enjoying the challenge and no i couldnt enhance the taste! honestly. Jamie Oliver if you’re reading this then, have a word!


This next eating challenge was a bit scary though…..oooooh millie i’m scared…………..


wow the prawn tries to escape the eating challenge!!



WAW! prawn boy came after me when i sat down and attempted to eat his family! mind you i would if i were him. But he did give me a fright. But never fear, Monkey’s here!!!! woohooo!




Just after this picture was taken, my millie wrestled prawny to the floor and we ate him as well and won the challenge. woohooo! but then we weren’t hungry as we’d eaten all the bugs and funny things for the challenge! I don’t think the programme people have thought this challenge through. We got meals though but will save them for tomorrow and take them in our jungle adventures for our packed monkey lunches


ooh I love this jungle lark. its a lot of fun and not half as tricky as we thought.

Monkey tastic!!

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