The monkey adventure on the high seas

Hiya monkey fans

well its been so busy in this jungle that it’s so much fun and we haven’t had time to do the blog but we’ve got so much to tell you so I’ll make a start.

Now then the latest challenge was the adventure challenge. Adventure for a monkey like me I thought? are they crazy?My middle name is adventure. Well its not really because I’m a monkey and I don’t have a middle name or a first name as I’m a monkey so I’m called monkey. Millie’s only got one as she’s a girl and girls need pretty things.

Any way I digress (not sure what that means but I heard mammy use it so it must be educational teehee) This was my challenge I was faced with:

my challenge



What did I do i hear you cry? they told me i had to cross the water. But I told them my monkey paws didn’t like the water. But then they said I had to go in a canoe like the others. Well i don’t like canoes. They’re too small and a bit silly looking i think so I went in a monkey huff……..what could i do ? i had to do the challenge to get meals for camp but I didn’t want to go in the silly canoe….I had a sit down and strained hard to think. I thought so much that a little monkey poop came out….oooops!

thinking….and pooping


So i had a little look round the jungle and found this:

my monkey boat…aye aye monkey captain!


It had the name of ‘robinson crusoe ‘ on it but as he wasn’t there and I couldn’t find him despite swinging in the trees to look, I sailed all across the sea in record time and got 100 stars and meals for camp. Woohooooo!!! sailing monkey is alive and well. I might do this in the olympics when it’s on. Aaaaaaye am talented me. Talent monkey, that’s my name teeheee.

I’ve got a new phrase – when in doubt of what to do, do a monkey and have a poo

Bye for now!

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