The monkey jungle

its a very exciting time in monkey world…

me and millie got a call from australia from a geordie man and then all of a sudden we were being whisked away on a plane into the sunset to start our monkey adventures…woohooooo

millie took this picture with an icecream dangling from her mouth….millie!!!!!

off on my jungle adventure

Then we had to jump out of the plane when we got over australia. I thought it was our fantastic arrival in the jungle but apparently as its a lowcost airline, we had to pay more if we wanted to land and so we thought we would chance it and start the adventure early. WOOHOOOO well this big yellow banana appeared and the nice lady with the pouffy hair on the plane said we could jump now on the chute (which we thought was a banana) or pay a few pounds each and jump when we got a big further down. But monkey and millie are not scared of heights! nope!!! we just whistled and got brian the eagle to come over and off we jumped monkey weeing through the air before landing on Brian and he taking us to the jungle. Celebrities flying out of helicopters?? nope that’s for wimps. Us monkeys do it like a monkey dude…


here is the jungle………

where millie and i will be living for the next few days or weeks

and here i am getting our little nest house in order…..
aaaye i was in the monkey scouts you know

dib dib dib

our monkey tree house

ooh i cant wait to get started on the jungle challenges ahead!


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