Monkey Marvel : Superhero monkey

Well Monkey fans

I am now a fully fledged monkey superhero.  And I love my new role! It was by accident really. I thought as I always played with the moo cows and they gave me the name cow -monkeyboy. Bless those moo cows.

Anyway, Brian the sheep told me that cowboys are heros in films and books and they ride horses and have adventures and help people, doing good deeds, so a  little monkey thought came into my little monkey head……

I am Super Monkey!

Ready for any eventuality ( not after tea time cos I get tired and fall asleep)

Able to solve problems ( not about girlie things tho – Millie sorts that out)

Willing to travel (as long as Robbie Reindeer is fit and well)

I see there are lots of people who need my help. Daisy cow took me to a case only the other day…….(Robbie is on a pre-Christmas holiday so was unavailable – I dangled a carrot but… no luck. Surprising really as he loves carrots)

Monkey case study: young boy in distress

Situation: I had to help a boy who was having trouble at school as he didn’t understand history. Well I said, I know some people who can help with that!


I  had to dress up like the olden days in a costume for an old pilot. Tally -ho!!! This was important as I wanted to blend in with the history surroundings. The little boy, Ben, dressed up too, all in blue with a hood like Elliot in E.T  as it was a film from hundreds of years ago and is really old. teehee

Betty moo cow took us to this field where some men were dressed up as old soldiers pretending to have a war! Ben is studying this in school and he says it helped him understand all the boring bits! Woo hoo!!! Monkey strikes again…

Here we are:

We watched the soldiers and Ben had a go at marching and banging the drum. Super work Ben!

Monkey knows learning is so much more fun when Monkey’s around! plus you get to dress up so that is even better.

Aaaaye! Monkey took Ben home on Betty Moo cow and we ate pig sandwiches and Ben drank apple juice. Well it looks like monkey wee to me so I had milk. teehee

Love Monkey xxxx

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