Monkey’s Halloween party

Hiya fans

well I’m still drinking monkey juice at our monkey tastic halloween party so I can’t stay long blogging but I wanted to share our fun with you. Hope you are all having a monkeytastic Halloween night!

Woohoo hooooooo

Mr pumpkin. we made his insides into some soup. yum yum

my millie got a bit scared when we lit the candle. ooh dont be scared millie. I’ll protect you!!

Here we are………

me with the cakes i cooked all by myself…..

my millie..doesn’t she look fabidab! monkey tastic!!


I’m off now monkey fans. I’ve got my millie to protect from the ghosts and goblins and a party to have!. We’ve invited all the night creatures such as harry hedgehog and his family from the garden and sally the black cat from next door is coming over. she’s not really bothered with her costume to be honest. says she’s just come as a black cat – but that’s cheating in my monkey book. teeeheee

have a monkey tastic halloween to you all!

Monkey and Millie xxxxx


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