Monkey to the rescue!

Millie’s Poetry Corner

Hello monkey fans!

We got a lovely message from a lovely Canadian monkey fan who needed Monkey’s help. Monkey is masquerading as a superhero these days – and we are both very proud of him. So I have written a poem in his honour and to advertise his services:

If ever you’re in trouble

If ever you’re in need

Then call upon dear Monkey

Who has a trusty steed

He’ll come and pop right over

And sort out what’s not right

He’ll cuddle you and calm you down

If you have had a fright

But until then don’t worry

Cos Monkey’ll soon be there

But please be ready with a hug

So Monkey knows YOU care!

Monkey on his trusty steed

Monkey on his trusty steed (well reindeer – horses are too expensive)

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