Millie’s flowers

Hi Mille fans,

I love flowers as you know and I would love to share with you my love of pretty things and to help you learn about the beauty of flowers and all things beautiful. Here is my favourite flower in the whole world:

It’s a pretty peony flower and it’s pink and reminds me of a pink cloud of candy floss. it smells very pretty and flowery and I like to wear a flower like this in my hair in the summer so I am nice and pretty for my Monkey.

I also like to play in the flowers in the garden and to dance. My mammy planted some lovely flowers in the garden and I am soooo pleased and happy to dance in the flowers. Granny Growbag has been helping mammy to plant the flowers and she wanted to plant a lovely rose. So she did and it grew and grew sooo big. Look it’s nearly as big as me!!!

I love flowers and am going to explore the garden and show you the flowers and hopefully you will enjoy learning about flowers with me. I don’t think monkey is interested in flowers really. Says he’s a boy monkey so he will play in the garden instead and have adventures in it! Now whilst I’m showing my Millie fans the flowers I hope monkey!!

Look where I found monkey today just after I got my picture taken by the lovely rose:

Tsk tsk Monkey! He says he’s ready for plodging round the garden and get up to monkey business! Uh uh I think monkey will be up to his tricks in my beautiful garden!

Lots of love Millie xxxx

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