Monkey Potter and the mysterious creature

So, said the seagull, what do you think you are doing here in my castle?

Monkey: Just sheltering from the storm

Where are we and who are you?

Seagull: I am the crazy seagull who lives in this castle. You are a monkey traitor coming into my castle without being invited!

Monkey: Sorry about that. But we are just having an adventure. I brought my Millie here to have a look around. We have a broomstick and love travelling adventures.

Seagull: Do you now? so you not scared of flying then?

Monkey: no mr Seagull. Monkey is not scared of anything/

Millie: me neither.I’m the a Monkey Princess who is not scared of anything even spiders.

Seagull: well if you don’t want me to keep you here as my prisoners, I could use you to help me carry out a secret plan that I have. Which option will you choose?

Millie: ooooooooooh the adventure please!!!!!!

Seagull: Well I am not who you think I am. I wasn’t being serious about keeping you prisoners. Infact I have been waiting for you both to come to my castle for a while now. You are special monkeys and I need your help. Are you ready for me to reveal who I am?

Millie and Monkey hesitated at this point as they were both a bit nervous. Monkey was starting to regret reading Harry Potter if he was honest. It  had led to this little adventure of his own!

But just then, the seagull changed into a brilliantly bright Phoenix which rose from the ground. Monkey and Millie were given lovely costumes to wear so they were all dressed up like royalty.

Where would we go with the Phonenix? Ooooh the mystery…..

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