Monkey and Millie do the Great North Run

Hi Everyone!

Ooh I was going to write the next bit of my little story today but me and Millie have been very busy doing the Great North Run! It’s a long long race in Newcastle and Gateshead and you have to run all the way to the seaside where you get a medal. And a nice aluminuim foil to wrap yourself in and some chocolate! It was fab!!! But my monkey legs are very very tired now so we’re going to pop to bed in a minute. But first, we’d like to tell you all about our exciting day.

the monkey atmosphere was fabidab. People were chatting away and talking to us but some of the accents up here in Geordie land were a bit tricky to understand so Millie had to explain that sometimes I don’ t understand funny accents.

We ate some peas pudding which is made from peas which have gone off and are now a yellow paste. it was quite yummy actually.  We met some nice animals too. There were a couple of tigers running on their hind legs, a couple of zebras, a honey monster and some funny people with wigs. There was even a man with a fridge on his back which was a very good idea I thought as it would keep him cool all the time and he wouldn’t have to keep stopping for drinks!

Here we are at the start of the race:

doesnt everyone look really happy. if they only knew the pain that would follow with their feet…….

But on  a good note we got interviewed by monkey TV and here we are with a VERY famous man……

Millie: we couldn’t contain our excitement at this point but soon we had to as the starting gun went off and monkey got a fright and nearly wet himself!!! but i said come on monkey! lets show the lovely people of the north east how we monkeys can run!!! and we were off! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here we are passing over the bridge…..

I was soon in the lead….

we ran and ran and our little legs went so fast all you could see was a blur of fur. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee we went. So much so that at the end I noticed a man in the lead and I darted past him to the finish post!!! He was a bit annoyed but well he should have noticed a little monkey like me! he didnt see Millie either! she was even quicker! We ran together as I promised my Millie that I would never leave her. Plus she had the monkey for the fish and chips at the end so it was in my best interests really….. teehee. here we are beating that poor man who thought he had won (millies just off camera she was even faster!)

did you see the time we got! less than one hour. it would have been quicker to be honest but the man here in the red vest got in the way a bit to be honest.

Never mind, all went well in the end and me and millie ate our fish and chips and spoke to all the lovely people at the end of the race. they said we were fab and if you were one of them thank you very much for coming to see the monkey run to glory. We are the monkey champions of the north. thank you for the free clothes also – people were just flinging their clothes in a pile before and after the race and the council were clearing them but me and Millie took some home for Granny Growbag to wash and she’s going to give them to her lovely charity shops. aaah bless well you have to keep the elderly working hard don’t you?

Here we are now in our final moments of glory with our lovely new cloaks: (we choose 74 and 75 as we aren’t sure how old granny growbag is but we think its around this number. aaaah bless her. Thank you granny for the support! you may be old but we love you xxx

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