Monkey potter magic

Well now dear friends

Today is the first day of my monkey magic story

I, monkey potter, will be doing some monkey magic and having some monkey adventures right here

I have been inspired by the monkey goings on in harry potter and think that for a young boy, he got up to a lot of monkey business for someone so young

The story begins near the deep dark wood……are you ready to start the monkey journey with me?

Well now hope you’re sitting comfortably as here my story begins….

I have read Harry Potter and have studied the maps in the book and I am convinced that I have found the real way to hogwarts. I was going to call it monkey warts but that sounds painful to me so the hogs can suffer and not us monkeys I say!

Monkey warts is where us monkeys do their monkey magic and monkey business. So, my beautiful assistant and I had to get to Hogwarts straight away in order to start our little adventure of monkey magic.

I didn’t know how to get us there, so I thought about it for a bit with my magic hat on…..This is a bit of a monkey puzzle I told my Millie Princess……

Then I had a great idea! We needed a broomstick like Harry has so me and Millie Princess climbed on and off we went on our adventures. No trains for us at platform 9 3/4. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee off we go!

Where would we stop first? Ooh the adventures we would have…..

…to be continued…..

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