Monkey magic

Hello Monkey Potter fans

I am not a Muggles. I am the secret magic monkey like harry potter but monkey style! I not only get up to monkey business but also do a lot of monkey magic.

Tricks I can do:

  • Make a poop appear from nowhere
  • create a poop smell from nowhere
  • Do a series of botty burps and look all innocent and pretend its not me
  • Make Millie disappear into the kitchen to fetch me an ice lolly (teehee)
  • Make Granny Growbag think she’s forgotten things by moving and hiding them when she’s not looking! haha

Here I am with my secret magic hat on:

I’ll share a secret with you now….look I’m really Monkey Potter! I have the scar to prove it!

What will I get up to next? ooooh I love the harry potter book and am reading it all the time. I don’t understand some of the words to be honest as it is for older monkeys and children really but i’m dead clever and I want to learn loads of magic and do tricks and be cool like harry. Yippee, mammy says that soon i will get my magic wand and cloak and then I’ll be really like harry. I’m dead excited. Mammy says JK Rowling would be proud to know that monkeys like me are reading her book. She must be Harry Potters real muggle mammy. This JK lady sounds very nice to write about harry and shes very clever as she won’t have to buy books now as she has written so many she can read them and save lots of money!

I hope JK loves my hat and my scar. I think I should be in the book as a friend of harry. possibly his brother? we monkeys are very similar to you humans after all. Millie thinks I might be related to dobby but I just think she’s being silly.

Love Monkey Potter xx


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