The Monkey Magic Adventure

Hiya monkey potter fans, it’s me ! I’m here and enjoying the  riding around on the broom stick. When I left you last me and Millie had flew off for our first adventure…… where did we go?

Well soon we were flying along and it started to thunder and lighting. But Monkey wasn’t scared, no sireee! Monkey will protect Princess Millie! We flew past a big tall monument and  the light of the moon was lighting our way.

Where should we go to to shelter? I asked Princess Millie. I don’t think the broom stick is waterproof and we don’t want to get wet our our first adventure!

“I know!” she cried. “Let’s look for somewhere to park the broomstick and then we can go and have an adventure on foot – well on our little monkey paws”

What a fab idea that was! So we parked the broomstick near a tree in the wood below taking care that there were no nasty broomstick wardens lurking around and we skipped off into the wood searching for our first adventure. we were sheltered by the trees so our monkey fur was nice and dry. Princess Millie was a actually a little bit scared of the thunder but I told her to imagine it was just like the sound of a gigantic botty burp from the sky. AAAh my Millie. I have to protect Princess Millie and make her laugh!

Just then, as we were skipping along holding hands, we came across an old building. It was lovely and Millie screamed in my ear! “Monkey!!!! “she cried. “There’s my castle!!”

“I didn’t know you had a castle” I said. Silly billy Millie I thought. Sometimes girls can be so silly. “You don’t have a castle”

“But I should have because I am a monkey Princess!” she said.

So with that, we went inside the castle and looked around. Millie wanted to go into the tower and pretend to be trapped like a proper princess.

” I could have locked you in the cupboard at home and saved myself broomstick petrol” I said!

“teehee’ laughed Millie. “Let’s look for a tower!”

But suddenly a big booming voice came from out of nowhere and said ” Which monkey is brave enough to enter here?”

And we turned round to see a strange creature perched in front of us with a strange expression on its face

What would happen to me and Millie now?…………………..

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