Olympic memories

Well monkey fans

Just a quick post tonight as well Millie and I are pooped still after our Olympic party. It was so fantastic and I won a few medals as you know so those totals you’re seeing on the telly, like on the BBC where they’ve told you how many the UK won? Don’t believe it – or at least add the monkey ones to make it the PROPER TOTAL. I have of course written to Auntie Beeb to voice my disgust that Monkey medals were not included. I hope she replies

Here we ar at the monkey ceremony where everyone was asked to light a candle in appreciation of all things monkey. And bless them they did! Ooh its a bit hot! Hope the one behind doesn’t singe this fantastic monkey coat!

Here’s Monkey singing with a nice man in a spacesuit. He was dead friendly and sang about always looking on the bright side of life. I taught him to sing about always looking on the monkey side of life as it’s  a fab place to be. He was WELL impressed I could tell. Wouldn’t be suprised if he changed the words of his own song and made it better with ‘monkey’ in the title. Said he would tell his friend John…mm I’ve forgotten his surname…John Cheese? I think it was. With a name like John Cheese he just HAS to sing my version!

Meeting this nice man with the big hair was the highlight of our night. We asked him how he got his hair so curly and so big as Granny Growbag always puts curlers in her hair everynight but never reaches the height or curliness that this man has! He looked at us funny and said he couldnt talk about hair as he was the QUEEN? It was noisy in there but I’m sure that’s what he said. I think curling that hair has made him go funny in the head. Maybe he left the curlers on too long and they’ve mashed his brain. I’ve already met her lovely majesty the Queen so I know she is a woman and that this man is an imposter!  YOUR MAJESTY!! (Millie’s on the phone to Maj as we speak to tell her about this)

Here’s another pic of Millie. She got the chance to sing with the Spices. Millie Monkey Spice has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? The posh girl said that there was a vacancy in the group for Millie as one girl was leaving and didnt want to sing anymore! No Fear! Millie’s here! And she is also advising them on their next song choice – Always look on the Monkey side of life -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye!

Well that’s it for the Olympics I think. The Olympic after party has started so there’s be tales from that no doubt. Then we off back to Paris!! Woohoooooo. Can’t wait. Till next time…Remember…..


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