Books for monkeys

Hello there monkey fans!!

Well after the olympics me and Millie have been a bit quiet and I have to say we have been really tired. What with all the olympic watching we’ve done we are very tired so have been having a good long monkey rest. We’re back now – Millie has been resting her feet after wearing those daft shoes teehee

I’m very proud of my gold medals though. Did I tell you that I won some gold medals? teehee its on my blog for you to read at your leisure

Talking of reading, that’s what I’ve been doing to relax.  Nothing too strenuous you understand. A bit of light monkey reading nothing more. Mammy and daddy went for a holiday to northumberland last week so we went along with them. it was fabidabi but we ended up in a giant book shop! I thought we were going on a trip as mammy said we were going to the old railway station in Alnwick but when we got there it turns out it is not a station any more as there are no choo choos but just books! I couldn’t believe it. Where are the trains i thought?

Tons of books though. Squillions in fact. Mammy said they are not new – they’re well loved and have been read a few times before so they are even more cool that new books mammy says as they have a story to them! I thought all books had stories to them thats why they are called books. Mammy can say silly things from time to time.

This is me in the waiting room. Well it was the waiting room when there were choo choos. Now its a little cafe. I think this lady behind me was a bit confused as she didnt have any drinks or food with her just a magazine. I think she thought she was waiting for the train!! Bless her. Sometimes signs can be very confusing. So me being a good monkey citizen, I went up to her after the picture was taken and told her not to be silly and wait for a train. She said she felt silly talking to a monkey!! Well i said, its sillier to wait for an imaginary train isn’t it! teehee

Mammy was trying to take a picture of all the lovely books she was going to buy but I thought my little addition would make for a much nicer photo! So instead of boring books, here is some monkey magic captured on film

There WAS actually a train in the shop after all – a little monkey sized one which ran all over the shop from up above. people were well jell that only millie and I were small enough to fit it. And unfortunately we didn’t get a pic as the train went that fast we couldn’t! but we did ride all over the shop going from one section of books to another and then back to the cafe or round to the toilets for a monkey wee and then back round again.

Granny Growbag came too and she was very happy as although she said she doesn’t really like books, she was well impressed with the museum section of old records (What is a record???)  – records are things like plates that granny used to play music on years ago and she spent ages looking for cliff richard. I told her that I dont think they collect old people just old books and records. She wasn’t amused. I was later though as I stuck a sticker on her back that said £3.00  and she got several requests and offers!! hahahahahaha. I thought £3.00 was a bit much myself so I was prepared to barter a bit. The shop was actually called Barter books so I though this selling of old people as well as books might well catch on? I did buy a book before leaving – Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. Sounds painful but I am informed it is about a monkey boy wizard so we have things in common me and harry! I’ll tell you about it next time.

Love Monkey and Millie xxx

Granny Growbag – £3.00 or nearest offer (no returns) teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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