Closing ceremony of the Monkey Olympics

Well monkey fans!

The closing ceremony is taking place right now and Monkey TV is bringing you these pics live as they are happening. Well a little bit later as our photographer is a bit slow and has to download them and get them on the blog. me and Millie would do it but we are at the centre of the action –  us being the stars of the show you see – so we have to depend on our human helper. Gromit the dog was out with Wallace tonight other wise he said he would have helped us.

First pic brought to you by Monkey Millie Communications: The royal opening and our chat with a nice man called Harry who says he lives at the palace in London with the Queen! I”VE JUST MET HARRY POTTER!!!!! AM SO EXCITED! I’ll have to be careful though – he might be after some of my monkey magic…..That Harry Potter’s a wizard after all…..

Next we sang with some lovely wee boys who jumped on a van and sang as it drove around the arena. we sang too (much better I hasten to add) the boys didn’t know the words to the Team Monkey anthem! The important thing in this picture is the lovely outfits that we have on. Look how pretty! Millie is so pretty in this picture. I’m dead smart too of course but Millie is very very pretty in her fancy outfit. xxx Millie!

Then I was asked to pose for my official Olympic photograph in front of the London eye. Or as I now call it, the Monkey aaaaaaaaaaaye! teehee

Then I had my moment in the spotlight….I performed with the circus act that was on. No- one can dance and swing around like a Monkey! I swung around and hung upside down and there were gasps from the audience! Yes people out there!! I’m real!!!

Then Millie had her moment in the spotlight and sang with a nice lady who came on dressed in green. She had all sparkly things on but I thought my Millie had made a better choice of dress to be honest. My Millie was stunning! And her monkey singing voice is just out of this world. If only Simon Cowell had a monkey X factor!

Phew, that’s all for now. Stop back later for some more from Monkey Millie Communications……….to be continued……..

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