Monkey adventures


I love adventures and Millie does too. She says she likes adventures but its hard work even just trying to keep up with me some times but I dont understand as I only walk the same speed as her. She’s silly sometimes my Millie.

Millie has been wanting to go away on a little trip for a while now so I thought we would. It’s so much fun travelling with Millie. She’s dead funny!

We don’t have a van thought so we took the train. It was the night of the floods in the North East so it was a bit scary but the train journey was lovely and peaceful because people had been trapped on platform 2 when the rain came in the station. But by that time we were away. Millie took my picture on the choo choo for our album.


We got muffins and coffee on the train and they were scrummy if not a little expensive! GNER I think stands for Goodness Never Eat on the Rail journey! teehee It was a treat though so was lovely.

Where were we going? ooh cant tell you yet. We were going North and the more North we got the funnier the people sounded. teehee. But they’re lovely up there they are. We met a bunch of locals in the park and had a right old chat. Look here I am with my new friends. I was actually asking directions but they chatted on and on….


What a friendly bunch!

We’re off to find our hotel now. I’ll take piccies for you. Ive saved up the pennies and it’ll be dead posh!

Nothing’s too  good for my Millie!

Love Monkey xx

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