Millie cooks with Jamie Oliver

Hi there Millie fans!!! woohooo

Monkey was resting today so I thought I’d do some baking. Well I watched that nice young man Jam Olive, Jamie Olive? ahh no Jamie Oliver on television and watched his 30 minute meals.

Well two things I want to point out:

1 – I think mr Jamie Oliver should change his name to JAM OLIVE because that is much more suitable for a boy who does a lot of cooking.

2 – It took me a lot longer than 30 minutes to make what I did because I have monkey paws and not hands and this is not something that mr Jam-ie considers. (Note to mr Jamie for his next tv show or book) wink wink

Well after a bit of baking and a LOT of flour on the floor (Monkeys fault) I made the following lovely lovely cakes:


Well here I am in my gorgeous kitchen with my little cakes and I think they are SOOOO pretty. mammy helped me make the portions smaller so they would just be the right size for me and monkey. Again mr jamie should put this in his book – monkeys are only tiny! we dont want to be fat like hippos teehee

Well it was all going well until someone showed up – at the end of the hard work I may add:


Well now not 5 minutes after this was taking I was just there enjoying my work and ready to eat them when…..guess what happened…….?


Notice how many cakes are left!!!!!! Monkey boy took two and ate them up! but he did say they were the best he had ever had and I have to agree. Because they were. teehee. Mammy had half and I had the rest. yum yum

Im going to invite mr jamie over to sample the cakes and I would LOVE to do a bake-off. He may be better with many things but I am the best in the monkey world so I think mr jamie might have some competition!!

teehee well I would like to think so. Actually mr jamie is my hero and i would love to be like him one day. well not male. but just as good a cook.

Thank you mr jamie for the inspiration. but you should write in your book that your cooking is so good that cheeky monkeys often steal the food that is made! i will have to train monkey to be a chef too like you mr jamie. its fun in the kitchen – especially since mammy does the washing up! I think mr jamie’s mammy does the same for jamie cos you never see him wash up on the telly. mmmmmm

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