Hiya monkey fans…

Hiya monkey fans…..

Well this travelling thing is a bit tiring but very exciting!. Finally got to Edinbufgh and settled in the hotel. Very nice indeed I might add. Got some freebies in the hotel room which millie has claimed as her own. I’m not allowed to use them because I’m a boy monkey apparently. Girls are so silly sometimes.

Well as i said last time, I met some friends in the local park and got chatting as you do. We ended up swapping numbers and we met up the next day for  a few games in the park as it was so sunny. This is us playing ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf?’ well its now called Whats the time Mr Monkey tee hee. I had to sit very still with my back to my feathered friends and they had to try and creep up on me without me seeing them move. Of course I won. Aaaaaye!


After the little game in the park, I took my Millie for a coffee. I took her to Jenners that lovely posh shop now called House of Fraser. (new name a bit strange. Don’t like it. It’ll always be Jenners to me and Millie). They do fab coffee here – you get a lovely view and can see the castle and Princes Street from the cafe window. Its in the foodhall – floor 5 i think. It was a long way up with our little monkey legs but it was well worth it! Look at my Millie’s face. Sooo happy she is!


We got two monkey biscuits too. They’re foreign – Millie loves being continental. I do too but I don’t like some things like olives cos they taste funny. They’re foreign too apparently. teeehheeeee. Nope I am a little monkey with simple monkey tastes. Well apart from my Millie – she’s not simple. She is infact very complicated as my daddy says all ladies are.

Ooooh I am soo excited being in this strange city where people talk funny. They are soo nice and make me and Millie feel very welcome. Thank you people of Edinburgh. Time now to get up to more monkey business. See you soon

Love Monkey and Millie xxx

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