Hedgehugs for International Book Giving Day

We love this idea!

We love this idea!

We are very happy indeed to be a part of give a book away day and because we are the best monkeys in the world, we are going to tell you about a book that Millie loves and loves more than anything in the world and that’s before it’s even out but she has seen the cover and is totally in love with it!

Millie's favourite book - and it's not even out yet!

Millie’s favourite book – and it’s not even out yet!


This lovely book comes out at the end of January and I’m so excited ! Well its because we have two little friends and I’m sure they’re the same hedgehogs in the book! They didn’t tell us they were super stars!!! It’s true they do love hugs though, you just have to be careful. Bit like Monkey when he’s in a grumpy mood hehe

Look how cute!


We are going to buy this book as soon as it comes out as we love hedgehogs and hedgehugs are the best thing ever. Horace and Hatty are their names of course after the characters in the book and they are the sweetest little pair of hedgehogs ever. Monkey has been out to buy some hedgehog food and build them a little wooden house in the garden for them to sleep in. We will show you more about our little friends in the next blog post.

A book and a hug all in one!


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