Monkey Advent – day 17

Hiya monkey fans

Todays’s task is fabidab as it’s a joint one. Yup that’s right two monkeys for the price of one hehe. Well the task in today’s Monkey Advent was to go on a ship and sail the seven seas.

So, off we popped to Ocean Terminal which sounds its the place where the ocean ends or when it goes to die. But luckily it turns out to be the name of a shopping centre where a scottish man told us that we could find a ship. Well at least that’s what we thought he said  – he had a funny accent and it was tricky to understand him. But luckily we understood him and he was telling the truth as we found the ship and had our picture taken.

The ship that didnt sail the seven seas as the ocean ended. or somethinghehe

The ship that didnt sail the seven seas as the ocean ended. or somethinghehe


Millie gets a bit sea sick though so we didn’t get to sail on the seven seas. Also there was no sea only an ocean apparently and there was only one – not seven so we would have had a problem with the second half of the task anyway.

Aah bless Millie. After this photo was taken, we hopped over to Frankie and Benny’s and had a burger. Yum yum

Ps we are wondering why there was a ship so near to the shopping centre. Do sailors really like to shop that much? we didn’t see anyone getting on or off with shopping bags. And Millie thought the captain (Captain Birdsye I’m sure) did not park his boat very well as his was the only one there so clearly no one else could fit theirs in. A bit selfish of captain birdseye if you ask me.

Lots of love Monkey and Millie xxx

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