Monkey advent – day 16 – the Christmas market

Hello Monkey fans


well now we have those fab jumpers we revealed yesterday, we are going to do all the rest of the tasks in them as they are so lovely. Millie wont take hers off as she is so snuggly and warm. That makes me happy as I love her. Eeeh what is wrong with me? Im getting all monkey emotional hehe Must be Christmas

Today’s task – Buy some tat from a xmas market

Well hello this is Millie here now. Monkey! That’s not what the task says – it was to go to a lovely xmas market and to buy something special from it. Monkey always makes fun of my markets but I love them so I made him book us tickets and we went off to Edinburgh for their fantastic market. It is the best one ever and everyone should do at least once in their lives. it sells yummy food and drink, toys, scarves and lots of xmas decorations

Here I am at the market on the first day. it is already dark but my jumper keeps me all lovely and warm. As soon as we arrived here, Monkey ran off and said he was going to find some Scottish poop instead when i looked round the market. He thinks Scottish poop may be different from English poop and be tartan coloured. Aah bless monkey he has no idea.

So here I am on my little lonesome on the market. Actually I’m pleased as I want to find a gift for monkey and he can’t see!

me at the Edinburgh Christmas market

me at the Edinburgh Christmas market


Love Millie xxxxx

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