Monkey Advent – day 14

Hiya Monkey fans

Today’s task was quite funny on the Monkey Advent Calendar. AT first I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it but I did cos I ‘m the best hehe.

Well now, the task was to find something in a supermarket that had a funny name or that sounded rude or cheeky. Well now, Turns out our friend Sainsbury’s had the perfect present and so I have bought one for Granny. So on Christmas morning I can say bobble off to her and she can’t smack me cos it’s a proper name and Mr Sainsbury’s said it was ok. hehe


Bobble off!!! haha I’m not sure what it does but it sounds lieka rude word i can say to granny so i got one hehehe

Sainsbury’s is dead funny. I love that shop. Plus the colour orange that they like is my favourite colour too

well that’s me off now Tomorrow is going to be a good one i feel

Lots of love Monkey xx

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