Monkey Advent – day 12 – poop tastic

Oops Monkey here

Forgot to post my message yesterday as well it was so busy that I got carried away and forgot. haha. Guess what I was doing though? A brilliant thing that was on the little bit of paper that I got from my advent calendar. What did it ask me to do?

Find the biggest poop you can find and take a picture of yourself with it. so this was my challenge and my Millie was not getting a part of this! No sirree, finding good quality poop is a task only I can do and my doggie friends usually help me out but this time, I found a horse that did me the biggest favour ever!!! Look at my new collection! After this pic I scooped it all up in  little plastic box for safe keeping. In the UK we used to have this woman on telly who collected poop to examine if people are healthy or not and so I am doing the same now – except mine is cos I like the smell hehe


I love horses. Horace is now my new best friend. Aah bless him. He’s camera shy though hehe. Next time ay Horace?

LoveMonkey xx

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