Millie Advent – day 13

Hiya Millie fans

I’m here today to bring some niceness back to Monkey Advent as well, after day12’s smelly offering, I thought I better had. Luckily my task today was a lovely one and I had something really sweet to do when I opened up the little bit of paper in my advent calendar. It said


Make sure you give and spread joy to all the people who matter to you. Give them cakes and cookies

So, I did one better and went to my shop –

It took me ages to decide on a name for my shop

It took me ages to decide on a name for my shop


(in the picture – just incase you didn’t realise), this is my shop and all the people there are the biggest Monkey and Millie fans ever. So I let every one have a free cookie and they were well happy and said thank you Millie you’re the best and your cookies are the best ever. Which is true but it’s nice to hear hehe

I hope you enjoy my cookies too and I will even get them to write a nice message on incase you want to give a ccookie as a present for Christmas. Which I think is a good idea hehe


Merry Millie Christmas

May you get all the cookies you wish for xxxx

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