Monkey Advent – Day 9

Today’s task was a bit tricky but luckily Charlie/Rudolph came to the rescue.


here he is again –

Charlie - Cheeky Charlie

Charlie – Cheeky Charlie

you see we had to go and see a movie that a friend of ours had starred in and that we could tell all our friends to go and see. We might have got away with showing you a pic of a famous friend of ours since we have loads and loads but none are as famous as us two monkeys. So instead here is a pic of our lovely friend Charlie appearing in his very first movie –

Charlie stars in the movies!

Charlie stars in the movies!

He says it was a bit cold on the set so that’s why they called the film Frozen. But I said I could have warmed everyone up with my bottyburps. He said no thank you. I think that was quite a kind offer on my part so I’m surprise that he said no. Aah well, more for everyone else.

we love Charlie. Charlie is cool. Ooh what adventures we will have with Charlie this xmas. Says he has to go back to harrods after xmas so let’s have some more fun he says! Is Harrods a country tooo I wonder. Is it far to visit? hehe

Love Monkey and Millie xxxxx



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