Monkey Advent – day 8

Monkey Advent getting good now. We have left London though as another task has meant that we had to travel up  north to do the next stop on the Advent tour. And of course we needed transport to do this so we borrowed a reindeer from Harrods and he was kind enough to take us on our way. Once he saw how brilliant we were and the good we were doing for the monkey community then he said he wanted to be part of it. Bless him. Rudolph he’s called but I think he suits Charlie better as he’s cheeky hehe

Charlie - Cheeky Charlie

Charlie – Cheeky Charlie

So Charlie the reindeer took us to do our next task

Mammy always says ‘Do you think the fridge stocks itself – do you think shopping fairies exist? ‘ So Charlie said we should go and find some shopping fairies and that he knew just the place to do it

He said we were off to Fenwicks. Well now I looked on a map and couldnt find it but I understand it is near to Newcastle hehe. so up north and a bit cold for the monkey nuts but hey ho –


Finding the shopping fairies –

 a fairy house in Fenwicks window!!

a fairy house in Fenwicks window!!

Here are the shopping fairies!!

Here are the shopping fairies!

so, That’s  todays task over with. What will we do next? hhmmmm

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