Millie Advent – Day 7

Hello Millie fans

Well here we are in Londonshire and whilst Monkey is still with Watson, I’ve decided to go and do another task – shopping like a queen monkey. Well that’s an easy one to do me being Millie Monkey so off I go to a lovely posh shop that has lovely yellow carrier bags. I see young girls and ladies posing with these bags all over Londonshire so I think they must be a statement piece (hehe I’ve read Elle for Monkeys) and so off I go and get something just so I can get a free bag.

me shopping with the posh folk hehe

me shopping with the posh folk hehe

I had to buy some handcream to get a bag this big and i said it was a pressie for my mammy so lady let me have a bag. I carried it around londonshire allllll day long hehe. I like posing like the girls here. Can I be in Elle magazine do you think? There must be a monkey version for fashion forward monkeys. I will have to write to them. I can imagine the headlines now –

Millie spotted monkeying around on Oxford Street


till tomorrow millie monkey fans xxxxx

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