Monkey Advent – Day 6

Howdy doody monkey fans out there

Well what can I say? today brought a new challenge and I’ve been busy doing it all day so that’s why I’m a little late on the blog front but as I’m so monkey fabulous I hope you’ll forgive me? Aah thanks ever so much.

Now then – my bit of paper from my advent said that I should say who was my favourite literary character and act like him for a day.Well I did one better and went to meet the little guy. Watson is a little bear friend of mine who lives in London and he does tours of the Sherlcok Holmes house for little people and monkeys like me. So, he is kind of famous and appears in lots of tourist photos of Sherlock holmes house AND he is in all the books (well the ones that he’s written his name in in crayon) so I popped on the billy bus all the way down to London and went to meet him –

We met at his place of work  –

me and Watson - what a cool job he has!

me and Watson – what a cool job he has!

Well now that was the challenge done but Watson said did I want to stay over and have some fun in Londonshire?? Yes I did and so did Millie so we stayed over at Sherlock’s place (he didn’t seem to be there – rude when visitors are coming to your house every day and queuing up to see you!1 But never mind, Watson showed us the sights…

More tasks London style I don’t doubt….hehe


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