Monkey Advent – 3

Well hello monkey fans this is my turn!


Today I opened the calendar and the bit of paper told me that i had to find a food that looked like granny. Well now, there were no bananas anywhere or Frosties or a grandma batty – this is actually  a real food we ate once in Scotland and is a yorkshire pudding with all the meal inside the yorkshire. it is very yummy and granny is definately a bit batty but as i had to find this food quickly i found this thing instead and it even had her face on it without me even adapting the food


I bought it from Betty’s tea room in York and it is called –

The cake that looks like Granny  hehe

The cake that looks like Granny hehe




a fat rascal!!! hehehe i kid you not.

This is so life like it is like taking a picture of granny herself. How was the cake? well a bit nutty but lovely at the same time hehe xxxxx


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