Monkey speaks book language

Well hello monkey fans

I have had an eventful day today. Let me tell you what has happened in book language –

It was hot and so we went for a swim in the


We met  a little girl there called


who asked us if we wanted to get some popcorn and to go with her to


we were dead excited! I have always wanted to be a magic monkey in a circus so I thought I might get a few tips whilst there. Imagine a magic monkey – the things I could do and the things I would see! I mean we are pretty magic already. Some would say we are already


but there is all ways room for improvement, so soon if I practise hard, go to the Night Circus and wish and wish until I strain and do a very large bottburp, then I will soon be




But he never did. The End xx

I’m  a perfect remarkable creature! hehe 

2 thoughts on “Monkey speaks book language

    • Aah thanks for your kind words! I love it that you think I’m funny – I try to make Millie laugh by throwing cheerios at her but she obviously doesn’t have a good sense of humour like you hehe Love Monkey xx

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