Turbo Monkey

Whoo hooo we’re to the cinema tomorrow

Millie has written a poem in celebration –

We're off to see a movie

We’re off to see a movie

We’ re off to see a film

of a snail that goes so fast

my monkey thinks he’ll spot him

but he’s already sped right past

Quick quick I tell my monkey

Go fast like Turbo snail

Go run and then you’ll catch him

and then catch him again!

Millie dressed as Turbo

Millie dressed as Turbo

Monkey dressed as Turbo

Monkey dressed as Turbo

So monkey puts on a pink shell

I put on one that’s green

so now we are like Turbo

beep beep we can’t be seen!

we go so fast we cannot stop

round round and in a flash

but whoah there monkey please slow down

if not i think we’ll crash

then thud we come right to a halt

right at the red stop sign

we look behind and so we see

That Turbo is behind!!

Monkey's botty burp wins the day

Monkey’s botty burp wins the day. Paaarp – one of them and monkey blasts way ahead in the race! hehe

we’ve finally beaten Turbo

sang Millie with a chirp

as Turbo now just can’t compete

with Monkey’s bottyburp

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