Monkey’s rubbish poem

Poem about rubbish inspired by the Recycling and Rubbish book  from Usborne-

Monkey journeys down the rubbish chute.....

Monkey journeys down the rubbish chute…..

Monkey wonders what goes on

when things go in the bin

he’s always wanted to find this out

so one day jumps right in

Once you go and throw stuff out

It goes off to a truck

where a big old man with big old hands

grabs the bag covered in muck

He puts the rubbish in the ground

and some he piles and burns

and some gets left to rot away

to feel the hungry worms

but Granny likes to keep a lot

she keeps old tubs and plastic

and then we can make new toys with them

we think this is fantastic

But we now know where rubbish goes

and why we sort in boxes

recycle, bin or use again

to keep away from foxes

so have a think next time you go

and throw away something

where will it end up once it falls

into that empty bin?

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