Usborne magic

Hello fans

Usborne is 40 years old! That is nearly as old as Mammy or Granny. They are very old. wonder if Usborne is old and wrinkly hehe. Princess Ellie is a bit wrinkly  but that’s only because the book fell in the bath hehe

here we are in the usborne balloon . off to see princess ellie

here we are in the usborne balloon . off to see princess ellie

There she is!

Princess Ellie

Princess Millie Ellie

And Oliver Monkey Moon….

Oliver Monkey Moon

Oliver Monkey Moon

I like learning about the environment as i love flowers –

me planting some pretty cabbage flower things

me planting some pretty cabbage flower things

so monkey bought me this book as he said we could maybe put granny in the bin and recycle her for something else –


Its fun finding out about plants and gardens and the earth and animals and things you see in the park –

I'm off!

I’m off!

Monkey is very excited halloween is coming up as we get to dress up and have a party. we bought a halloween book – Monster things to see and do – so we will be making a mask for granny this year. Monkey says she doesnt need one as she is still wearing the same one from last year hehe

monkey and millie scary costumes!

we want to have more adventures in books  so Milie is on the look out –

Millie looking for even more books

Millie looking for even more books

but for today we are celebrating Usborne day by buying another one of their books and eating cake on their behalf. We are very thoughtful monkeys hehe

'Ok' Millie said. 'Come on in and sit down. I'll get you something nice to eat for your tea.' Millie offered Monkey some buns but he didn't just eat one. He ate all of them.

Millie bakes for Usborne day

Hope Mr Usborne comes to our party. There might not any cakes left mind. Aah but Princess Millie Ellie will bake some more. Bring Mrs Usborne – and tell her to bring flour please, oh and butter, oh and milk and eggs and ….

Happy Birthday!

5 thoughts on “Usborne magic

  1. We are on theme today with the environmental stuff. Looks like an appealing book with all those flaps to lift. What’s your full review?

    • ooh hello there – we loved this book as it was really fun and educational. at first we thought – urgh a book about rubbish but it makes it fun and its fascinating to see what happens to rubbish and where it all goes! very fun and the flaps were a little interactive game too!

      • It can apply anywhere really – monkey has always wondered where rubbish goes when it’s in the bin and he’s learned a lot from this book. fun to learn about how to help save the environment from doing your little bit! I bet other regions do things a bit differently though – that would make fun research and a little challenge! We really recommend this book. Hope you enjoy x

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