Monkey eats books

Hello Monkey fans

Well we continue with our little holiday in Scotlandshire and we are stuffing ourselves silly with haggis and neeps and tatties.  We even drank some of that iron bru but I think it tastes a bit funny and I don’t need any extra iron in me cos I’m so strong.

We continue to wander round the book festival. Monkey has a new game – climbing up the huge bookshelves and then sliding down it. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

books are so much fun!

We picked a few off the shelves and played the ‘Make them sound like food’ game:

The book food game

The book food game


But we did this for a laugh. Some other naughty people have been as my mammy would call it false advertising. Look:

This does not sell fringes………

This does not sell fringes

This does not sell fringes

the only hair I could buy was attached to a tartan hat which was a bit big for me so i had to leave it in the shop.

Then what did We see?

Bagels yes. Elephants ...NO!

Bagels yes. Elephants …NO!


Monkey is on the case. Monkey Columbo is off to the books again to see what other things he can uncover in this city of books……


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