Monkey books in Edinburgh

We have found some monkey tastic books at this book festival thing. There have been books on gruffalos and other animals but nothing on us monkeys sadly…

However, there is one good guide to living with those human people that linger around us monkeys:


I’m reading it in the hope that I may find out something about you people. Especially about these Scottish people up here in Edinburgh. I hope it has an explanation of what a Scotch egg is. I asked a scotch chicken but she was as clueless as me.

I asked what a haggis was and apparently it’s a little monster that runs around the Scottish hills, one leg shorter than the other so it can run round hills. But people like to eat these poor creatures. I did have a taste and it tastes a bit yummy to be honest and since I haven’t actually seen a haggis running round a hill, I think that means I can eat one.

Especially if it means I poop a lot afterwards hehe

So, I am going to continue reading this book  to see if I find out anything that will explain why humans at bookfairs do the following:

1. Queue in lines apart from the grannies who all like a sit down mid queue in little plastic chairs. It looks so cute! I thought they were playing granny musical chairs at first hehe

2. Put their hands up when they want to ask a question in  a tent – I thought only little humans at school did this

3. Sit on deck chairs with words on them

4. Get excited about going into a tent when there are no animals once inside – It looks like a book circus but there are no animals and no books in these tents. Well there is a book shop tent but there are no books in all of them!

I don’t think we need a book about monkeys as we are a mystery. We are cheeky and mischevious and that’s all you humans need to know lol

If you spot us at the Edinburgh book festival give us a wave!!

OOh and be sure to keep your free bags open so we can jump in and get a ride!!

Bye xx Monkey and Millie

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