Trekking to the library

Hello dear fans


ooh you’ll like our adventure today we hope as it’s dead high brow monkey says. Yup we have been to our local library. mammy said we libraries need our support – but it looked safe and standing up enough to me and plus I’m only little and not strong enough to support the library. hehe

but we went anyway as there is this super douper challenge they are doing at the moment – called the Summer Reading Challenge and it means you have to read lots of books when it’s sunny – well you have to read 6 books and visit the library 3 times over the summer to get stickers and a certificate. so we love things like that!!!

Monkey wants all the stickers but I’ve told him they only give them out to people who read books – so monkey said we had to do the challenge as monkey loves a challenge. It’s called the Creepy House summer reading challenge and Monkey loves a creepy house! As long as its not as creepy as Granny’s house – she can look frightful when she’s got those curlers in her hair!!

The monkey reading challenge

The monkey reading challenge

Do the challenge with

We went today trekking all the way to find our six books but we kind of got sidetracked and ended up not in the children’s section (why is there not a monkey section in a library!!???) The seats are nice and little though although monkey ended up pooping on one with a hole in it as he thought it was a toilet. Monkey!!!!!

So, we ended up in the grown up section and found some books. But we started to read a bit from each one but they were too boring and difficult to read. They had no pictures in them at all!!! WHY!??? So we played a little game of change the title to make it more fun and interesting:

Monkey Hall - who is this wolf they write about?

Monkey Hall – who is this wolf they write about?


Millie is the only Monkey Queen!

Millie is the only Monkey Queen!




So monkey fans we will be reading when we not trekking and telling you when we find some books we understand that are written with monkeys in mind

Till next time!

Monkey and Millie xxxx


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