Millie treks to Italy – kind of

Hiya Monkey fans

Monkey and I trekked all the way to Italy this week!

Well not really hehe but we did meet a lovely man who said he was italian and he was cooking for a telly show and did we want to help out?

Well of course we did! Me Millie in particular as I have a bit of a crush on this man called Gino. I’ve seen him on the telly before and I always watch his shows and prepare nice things for monkey to eat. Monkey loved my burrito that I saw Gino make once. Well he particularly liked the smells he made after having eaten the burrito….typical Monkey!

Monkey took this fab pics of my trekking that day into the studio. You can’t see my shoes, but I have them on and they looked very pretty in the studio lights let me tell you!

Millie trekking in the flashy studio!

Millie trekking in the flashy studio!

Here’s me and my human crush…

Me and my crush

Me and my crush

Hello Gino gino. Aaah My big moment…

Can I kiss you? Ooh I'm nervous hehe

Can I kiss you? Ooh I’m nervous hehe

Thank you mr Gino and thank you dear monkey for letting me kiss my human crush. When I was busy with Gino, monkey ran amok in the studio and we got chucked out when he got covered in pasta sauce, chives, beans and all other things. He looked funny but my Gino said we were a bit messy and could we please leave.

Sorry mr Gino but you’ll be pleased to know that monkey ate all the food of us on the way home so we were fine on the way home. Saved us money you did Gino! thank you. Very tasty teehee.

We learned a fab recipe thought and monkey will be coking it soon right here in What’s cooking? Monkey’s good looking – his new cookery show on this very blog!

Bye for now lovelies xxx

3 thoughts on “Millie treks to Italy – kind of

    • Hiya Katty!

      That’s so nice of you to say! Thank you very much my friend. Tell you what – do a recipe on your blog that I could make Monkey for his tea and I will reblog with a little message from us! PS monkey is always licking the screen when he reads your blog teehee it looks yummy x

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